Little Spark

Release Date - January 17th 2012




Hurry Hurry

Love Is Wasted On Lovers

The Greatest Thing That Never Happened

I Feel That Too

Star Cannon




The Winds

Joy Is Suspicious

Little Spark


The third full-length album from Jessie  2012's Little Spark finds the singer/songwriter moving toward a darker, more vintage '60s pop sound. Working with producer Kevin Augunas, Jessie shifts away from the contemporary approach of her 2008 Verve release, Firesight, and toward a layered, atmospheric sound that brings to mind the work of modern artists like Portishead, as well as the classic sound of Dusty in Memphis era Dusty Springfield.

Along with Augunas, the album also features arrangements from Richard Swift and musical contributions from Waddy WachtelGreg LeiszJim Keltner, & The Watson Twins.